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Open 7 days a week 8am–8pm

Key Duplication

We have experience duplicating keys for your home, office, and more. Call us today for convenient, timely mobile service.

We Make Key Copies You Can Count On

one-sided house key being cut

Here you see a single-sided house key being cut for a local customer.

What makes a lock and key an effective security measure is that they prevent unauthorized access, but they give you access to your own property. That’s why we take such care with precise key duplication, and why we encourage you to make sure you have the keys you need, along with spares, so your security measures are safe but convenient. We’re The Door Heroes, locally based in Brighton, MI, and serving the SE Michigan metro area for over ten years with experience, integrity, honesty, and upfront affordable pricing. One trip is usually what it takes to solve your lock, key, or door issue, and if it involves missing or broken keys, our local mobile locksmith is where to get to keys made—right in your driveway.

Keys For the Places You Live and Work

We do key duplicate cutting for your house keys and office keys, and when you don’t have the original, we can originate keys from scratch. Why not call for on-site key copies and fill your key drawer at home or cabinet at work with the desk keys, file cabinet keys, and commercial keys, and house keys. If you’re involved in property turnover as a landlord or home buyer, have us come over and rekey all your existing locks.

Unique Key Copies, Keys from Scratch, Even Antique and Skeleton Keys

We’re your mobile key maker, coming to your home or office so you don’t have to find out where to get keys made and make a special trip searching for someone who can cut that unique key. We can provide copies of antique keys, skeleton keys, high-security keys, tubular keys, and other rare keys. There’s no reason you have to do without a spare key, even hard-to-find types. If you don’t have the original, we can make keys from scratch, make keys cut by code, and originate keys using the lock mechanism itself. Have you heard about padlocks keyed to house keys? All that we can do is pretty amazing, so try us.

Keys for Things With and Without Doors

There are plenty of things around your home or business that use keys for special purposes. Turn to our experienced key cutter locksmith for those odd keys you need, from Sentry safe keys to Thule and Yakima rack keys for your car, RV keys, and the right keys for everything from your snowblower to your boat and ATVs.

Who Better to Copy Your Keys Than an Experienced Locksmith?

Remember, when you’re looking at a strange key and wondering “where’s a key maker near me that can make this?” just give The Door Heroes a call, anywhere in the SE Michigan region. Based in Brighton, MI, we come to you as your key maker locksmith and so much more, with versatile key duplication and creative lock and key problem-solving. Call us and get those spare keys made today.

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